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Website: Dee Perconti


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Having painted in oil and acrylic for many years I was ready for a change.  When I tried mixed media collage several years ago I found my voice!

I think we are ever growing, changing, evolving and transforming. I also believe in second chances and do-overs.  My art is about rebirth and hope and optimism.

So I took the stack of my old paintings and ripped and tore them and made them into something new. They were born again in collage with a new message  and life. The old paintings are gone.

My collages are vibrant and in-your-face.  I love a dramatic transformation, whether it is re-decorating a room, making a plain woman fabulous with makeup and fashion, or redoing a piece of art.

Children have played an important role in my work. I made art with kids at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital at their bedsides for four years. I worked in areas where the children were receiving infusions-many times chemotherapy.  Very sick kids were enthralled with art and were distracted from their pain and boredom. They got lost in their creation. It was transformative!  Research supports the strong benefits that art has in health care.

I use art to relate to young girls who have been victims of trafficking when we visit Rapha House safe houses in Cambodia and Thailand.  Art helps them to heal by expressing their sadness and rage. These brave girls are also a theme for several of my collages.

Since I have been collaging I have exhibited at Hillsborough Community College, The Morean Arts Center, Shorecrest School Art Show, Davidson fine Art Gallery, Vinoy Place Art Show, two Bella Unica events at Vinoy Place Condominiums, Everything Dolce, City Center Corporate Offices, IRT Corporate Offices, Mirella Cimato Gallery at St. Petersburg Opera Central, Bella Unica event Art*Fashion*Spirits, Bella Unica Art Fridays at the Vinoy Hotel, and St. Pete First Art Collective show at the Gilbert Chapel Gallery.

I have collectors in Ohio, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Colorado and New Mexico.

I live in St. Petersburg, Florida with the love of my life, my husband Sal.   I am blessed with a huge family I adore